Tenego's 2017 Market Selection and Go-to-Market Survey

What is the effect of the global uncertainty in the companies’ decisions on where to expand to? How are companies planning the expansion process?
Tenego is conducting a quick survey on the current trends on expansion.
Join the other participants and get quick insights on market selection and Go-to-Market.
Find below a summary of the results so far.


Tenego is an ongoing supporter and fund raiser for charities for Cancer Research and others. We are asking for your help, by your actions. To thank everyone who participates, Tenego will donate EUR 5 per completed survey to Cancer Research (Irish Cancer Society).
We set a target of 100 completed responses and donating at least EUR 500.
Answer the survey and help us exceed that target.

All we ask is for you to take part in our 2-minute online survey and not only you will join us in helping a great cause but you will also receive the results of the survey that would certainly help in guiding your business decisions.

Submit your participation below!

What target markets do you have in your plans for 2017?
Give some comments on the reasons behind your choices:
How do you plan to expand?
Would you like to share your thoughts/experience on international business growth with other Tech CEOs and business execs by participating in a webinar panel or a one to one web interview?
What topics would you like to see covered in this webinar or future?
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