International Growth for UK based Software Companies

Based in the UK seeking to grow in US, Europe and others?

Developed for Tech companies seeking to enter or expand their business in international markets. This webinar looks into the opportunities in different international markets and sectors discussing key points such as market selection/prioritisation, gaining access to decision makers, selecting and recruiting sales channel partners and more.

Tenego hosted an online interactive webinar
"International Growth for UK based Software Companies"
presented by Sandy Mackenzie from Tenego UK South and with Donagh Kiernan, Founder and CEO of Tenego

Discover how Tenego's expertise, methodologies and services can support your international expansion.

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Hear and learn from Tenego's experience in working with many growing companies in different markets on how to prioritize and select the most appropriate market, how to identify and select the correct partner to make your expansion a success.

What You Will Learn?
● What do you need to be ready to go grow internationally?
● How you select and prioritise your target markets? What European Markets? Middle East, Far East, Africa and Americas?
● Should you sell Direct or through Sales Channel Partners?
● Does selling through Sales Channel Partners suit your product and your business?
● Is your business and product ready to sell through partners?
● How do you determine what Type of Partners with what capabilities?
● Cost effective market entry into multiple international markets?
● How to get started in building your sales pipeline and winning business in your selected markets.

Who it is suitable for?
CEOs, Alliances Development, Channel Development and Senior Business Development staff of Software Companies or Cloud Based Solutions actively or planning on expanding internationally.

Donagh Kiernan
Founder & CEO of Tenego Partnering

Donagh formed Tenego Partnering in 2003 to focus on driving sales growth within technology companies. This focus draws on Donagh's expertise in defining, selling and delivering technology solutions, and builds on over 28 years of technology development, sales and business ownership, investment and management.

Sandy Mackenzie
Tenego UK South

25+ years of experience in international sales and general management for both established and early-stage software companies, building revenues through successful channel partnerships and enterprise sales. Companies such as Informix, Adobe, Dr Solomon's, Brainware, Connected Inc. and many start-up software companies, providing consultancy on business model generation, channel fit, and on-going channel management. Interests in CyberSecurity, IoT, Privacy and Data Protection.

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About Tenego:

Tenego provides international sales execution services for growing and established Technology Companies. Tenego's proven approach and expertise take responsibility for driving the company's sales revenues across multiple markets with direct sales outsourcing, channel development, channel management, lead generation services and sales management services.

About Tenego's work:


"Tenego are a key part of the growth of our business internationally. Tenego's strong expertise in partnering, sales organisation and process has clearly leveraged the value in C&R to what international partnering can bring. We have seen results within weeks."

Joe Skulski - CEO
Compliance & Risk