Partner Operations: Scaling your Channel Partners

When does Partner Management need Partner Operations to effectively implement your Partner Program?

Your channel partners are an extension of your company, how can you:

  • Align your channel with your internal organisation?

  • Implement standard support structures across all partner types and regions?

  • Standardise sales pipeline data management and reporting across all partners & partner managers?

  • Standardise and forecast through the channels?

  • Create and manage a progress rhythm with each partner and with your channel network?

  • Learn where and with which partners to invest to get the best return in the coming year?

Tenego hosted a FREE online interactive webinar

"Scaling your Sales Channels with Partner Operations"
presented by Donagh Kiernan, Founder and CEO of Tenego.

Tenego developed this webinar for Tech companies wanting to scale and improve their existing channels. It focused on the concept of Partner Operations and how to align Partner Management and Partner Programs.

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CEOs, Alliances Development, Channel Development and Senior Business Development staff of Software Companies or Cloud Based Solutions with sales channels or planning on scale growth through channels.

Hear and learn from Tenego's experience in working with many growing companies in different markets on:

● How to continually seek scale your business while better enabling the channel as a true extension to your business?
● What is Partner Operations and how can it help your channel growth
● What are the responsibilities and metrics of success for Partner Operations?
● How Partner Operations can be the central core engine to drive channel growth?
● How do you align Partner Operations, Partner Management and your Partner Program implementation?
● What are the key tools, methodologies and capabilities needed in building your Partner Operations?

Donagh Kiernan
Founder & CEO of Tenego Partnering

Donagh formed Tenego Partnering in 2003 to focus on driving sales growth within technology companies. This focus draws on Donagh's expertise in defining, selling and delivering technology solutions, and builds on over 20 years of technology development, sales and business ownership, investment and management.

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About Tenego:

Tenego provides international sales execution services for growing and established Technology Companies. Tenego's proven approach and expertise take responsibility for driving the company's sales revenues across multiple markets with direct sales outsourcing, channel development, channel management, lead generation services and sales management services.

About Tenego's Webinars:

"I have been thoroughly enjoying Tenego's presentations. Very well done with useful, relevant and real content, and, for me, well-presented and on target with valuable information. You folks are amongst the few who "get it"."
Partner Business Development & Channel Strategy, USA

"Thank you for producing such a valuable presentation. I've been 20+ years managing and developing channels, in that time I don't think I've seen a presentation that was as insightful and comprehensive."
Global Alliances Partner Engagements, USA

About Tenego's work:


"Tenego are a key part of the growth of our business internationally. Tenego's strong expertise in partnering, sales organisation and process has clearly leveraged the value in C&R to what international partnering can bring. We have seen results within weeks."

Joe Skulski - CEO
Compliance & Risk