Tenego is building a presence in every key technology market around the world, through partnering with expert business development practitioners within these markets.

Tenego Partnering is a success story that has been growing internationally since 2003. At Tenego Partnering we are dedicated to driving international sales for high growth technology companies through partnering. Tenego's primary focus is on executing on developing and managing effective sales partner channels.

As a Tenego Global Network Partner you will be Tenego's on-the-ground person in your region taking responsibility for bringing your software company clients into and out of your region working with Tenego globally.
Whether alongside your existing direct sales and business development services business or solely focused on Tenego's proven sales channel development methodologies and support team, together with Tenego you can build a successful services business in your region.


CEO Tenego

For more information you can contact Donagh directly on +353 21 2307117 (Ireland)